Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Android, OpenGL ES 3.0, GPU

Previously, I've posted OpenCL GPU supported. You can see that mobile GPU is going to be more powerful and more efficient.
When investigating the OpenGL related information, I found that OpenGL ES 3.0 is started to be supported by many GPU vendors. Also, Android 4.3 is released with OpenGL ES 3.0.
Before you are going to creating OpenGL ES 3.0 app, first, you have to know which mobile GPUs that support OpenGL ES 3.0.
Below is the list that I found, also with the chip:

  1. Imageon Adreno 300 series
  2. Mali T-600 series
  3. PowerVR Series 6 (Rogue)
  4. Tegra 4 (WhitePaper PDF)

Please let me know if you know more.
Thanks for watching :)

To check OpenGL ES version on your device, click here.

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