Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Configure Linksys WRT400N as an access point

The WRT400N is a rather basic router so I use another router with more memory and a faster processor to connect to the internet. I had originally configured the 400N on its own subnet. Today I tried configuring it to be on the same subnet as my main router.

I found useful advice here: http://homecommunity.cisco.com/t5/Wireless-Routers/How-to-configure-WRT400n-as-an-access-point/m-p/277101/highlight/true#M144970

To summarize:

  • Turn off DHCP Server on the 400N 
    • still want the 400N to get it's IP via DHCP 
  • Turn of NAT and the stateful fire wall settings 
    • not sure this is essential after you move the Ethernet cable below. 
    • NAT is in Setup, Advanced Routing 
    • Stateful fire wall is in Security as SPI Firewall protection 
  • be sure the Network Setup shows the same subnet mask as your main router. 
  • I set the IP address to the address reserved for the 400N on the other router. 
    • some suggest using a class C address you are _not_ using. 
  • save your settings 
  • move the Ethernet patch (straight through) cable used to connect the 400N to your main router from the yellow WAN socket to one of the 4 regular sockets. 
    • at this point the router will no longer see any traffic from what it thinks of as the outside world. So it may not matter if you turn of NAT, ... above.

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