Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Setup SVN Local Repository - simple

  1. Create reposity folder.
    • "C:\SVNRepository\new".
    • Right click, select "TortoiseSVN\Create repository here".
  2. Select folder that you want to be a SVN folder.
    • Using new folder is better, "D:\new".
    • Create three folders: "trunk", "branches", "tags".
    • Go back to parent and select "D:\new" folder.
    • Right click, select "TortoiseSVN\Import...".
    • Right click, select "SVN Checkout..."
  3. If you used new folder, then copy all your files in it.
  4. Finally, select "D:\new".
    • Right click, select "SVN Commit".
    • Add all files and click "OK".
  5. Done. All your files are controlled by SVN.
For more details, please refers to http://e7fendy.blogspot.com/2009/11/setup-svn-local-repository-step-by-step.html

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